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The reason why property in Niseko, Rusutsu, and Lake Toya is popular 

Many of you may know that Niseko Property is soaring. In Hokkaido, property in the area connecting Niseko, Rusutsu, and Lake Toya is particularly very popular among foreigners.

Over the past 4 years, the rate of up in land prices has been the highest in Japan, mainly in Niseko and Kutchan. In 2019, the street value is over 60% higher than the previous year.

The fact is that Westerners are more conspicuous on the slopes such as Niseko Annupuri, Hirafu and Hanazono. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is the result of the Japanese ski resorts, which boasts the most snow in the world, attracting worldwide attention.

The popularity of Niseko Property

There is a mechanism for soaring property in Niseko – Niseko has been attracting attention from Western sportspeople, mainly Australians since the 2000s, and has become the most famous ski resort in Asia. As a result, land prices have been boosted, and there are places where the nearest slope is ¥10 million per tsubo (approximately 3.3 ㎡).

Popularity spread to Rusutsu and Lake Toya

The rise in property in Niseko is not limited to Kutchan and Niseko. By examining the wide-area data, it has greatly spread to Rusutsu village with Rusutsu ski resort and Toya village with Lake Toya. In 2015, near the Rusutsu ski resort, where the unit price is around ¥20,000 per tsubo, the unit price has risen to around ¥150,000 in 2019. The area closest to the slopes even has a unit price of ¥800,000. Here are the reasons why Rusutsu is so popular these days: Compared to Niseko, Rusutsu has better slopes; is located close to the airport and Sapporo.

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Foreign tourists in Hokkaido

The popularity of Hokkaido property, so-called Niseko property and Rusutsu property, can be seen from the number of foreign visitors in Hokkaido.

The following indicators are excerpts from some of the tourism statistics released by the Hokkaido Government.

Inferring from the rate of increase of visitors from each country, the number of visitors from European countries and the United States can be considered to be proportional to the increase in winter sports demand in Hokkaido, which has the highest snowfall in Asia.

Besides, many tourists from all over Asia enjoy the unique scenery of Hokkaido and enjoy food. However, in recent years, the rise in income in Asia has enabled Asian tourists to enjoy luxurious activities such as winter sports. This is why you see so many Asian skiers at ski resorts in Hokkaido.

Since the Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, China in 2022, the number inbound tourists during the winter sports season in Hokkaido can be expected to increase further.

China is increasing the population of winter sports to 300 million in the country in line with the Winter Olympics. Therefore, chances are, the world’s most snowy property in the world, especially Niseko and Rusutsu, will be in the spotlight.

The reason why Rusutsu is recommended

The Best Ski Awards awarded for 4 years in a row

Good location (90 min from the airport)

As fine powder snow as Niseko

Vast slopes including ultra-long courses

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